Why Choose WordPress for your Business Website

Why Choose WordPress for your Business Website

Looking to design and develop your website? Confused by the number of options like PHP, Wix, WordPress, .net, DNN or many other technology options out there? Well, let us help you with the advantages of choosing WordPress for your business website over this article.

For someone who is not aware of what WordPress is then, well WordPress is an opensource content management system built on PHP. WordPress has been around for more than a decade. WordPress is one of the most popular website CMS out there and is backed by a huge community of developers and designers. We have been building websites on WordPress in the Burlington North Carolina area for the last 8 years.

Here are our top 5 reasons why we love WordPress

WordPress is dynamic

Our top reason for choosing WordPress is that it is dynamic. WordPress started off as being a great blog CMS, however over time with the community support, WordPress has grown. Now it is possible to set up a business website, an e-commerce website, a blog website, etc. This ability of a CMS and platform to support all kind of needs is what makes WordPress so dynamic. And the best part is that you might start a business site today and a year down the road, you might decide that you want to add a store to your website and start selling products or services. Or you just want to have an invoicing integration and would like to collect online payments. WordPress will easily let you add this new feature without having the need to update or redo your complete website.

Availability to support

WordPress has a huge support of the developer community and marketplace. This means that one can design and develop a very modern looking website with both free and paid themes to choose from and also extend and add functionality very quickly with plugins. What this means is that one could add an eCommerce plugin like Woocoomerce and add eCommerce and shop functionality to their website and cut down the development time. 

Also WordPress has access to huge forums for knowledge sharing. 

WordPress is SEO Friendly

There are tons of websites out there and your customers will discover you and your business probably on Google search or Bing search. For this, a lot of effort needs to be invested in search engine optimization. WordPress has many inbuilt and inherent SEO friendly stuff like the URL optimization, access to some cool plugins for Free which will help you optimize your website for better search engine ranking and performance. You might need access to a developer and code optimization to get SEO working on a few other platforms.

Wordpress for business website-Advantages

Mobile responsiveness inbuilt out of the box

Let’s get it straight, traffic from mobile devices make up almost 70-80% of any websites traffic. Website developmentWeb Design & Development has shifted to a mobile-first approach. Most of the WordPress themes support a mobile responsive design with bootstrap. This ensures that your website will look great on a desktop or an iPhone or an Android device. Moreover, it is very interesting to note that most search engines are paying close attention to sites designed for mobile and would rank them higher on mobile devices. 

Option to choose hosting provider

Because WordPress is opensource and based on PHP, this means that you can host your website on your preferred hosting. You could set up and manage your own website on AWS or Azure and can even choose to migrate it to a different hosting, unlike other free website design CMS platforms. This gives you a more secure environment and also means that you have more control over your website. You could also choose to plan a better backend architecture and work with content delivery networks for better performance when your business and website scales up. 

So those are our top 5 reasons to choose WordPress for a business website, and hey our own website is built on WordPress. Do write to us if you have more reasons why you like WordPress or would like to build or host a WordPress website.