What Is PSaaS- Physical Security As A Service

What Is PSaaS- Physical Security As A Service

There are tons of As-A-Service since the advent of cloud computing. However, one of them has been extremely revolutionary and finds place and value in every business, PSaaS. Physical security as a service has been the new age game changer in physical security and surveillance. PSaaS service could range from building or site monitoring, access control, and video surveillance. Let us help you understand the whole gamut of services.

Cloud surveillance

Cloud Surveillance is probably the most basic and core service offering within the PSaaS offering by any organization. Within this offering, you would see connected cameras that are managed and monitored using cloud-connected hardware. This does away with expensive local NVR setup and reduces your data storage costs. All your recording and data is stored on the cloud. 

Hardware and software upgrades are done away with automated cloud-based software and firmware patching. Plus you would have access to browser-based secure access to your building surveillance. This means that you get anywhere access to surveillance video from your building or site.

Cloud Video Monitoring

Some providers take the PSaas offering and extend it with a cloud video monitoring service. PSaas providers might add threat detection and motion detection and have configurable alarms. Some providers like YourSix offer additional human verification for each alarm before alerting the relevant designated point of contact. This reduces false alarms and adds real value for a fraction of the cost of keeping physical security. 

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Cloud Access Control

Another very important aspect of physical security for organizations and businesses is access control. You might have multiple employees and multiple sites and would like to be in control. Well, Cloud access control can give you real-time control over all your locations, be it remote sites or your local sites. You also get a mobile-based dashboard to view and manage all reports.

Most PSaaS solutions would usually work even with network downtimes. So you do not have to worry about visiting your location or calling a support team to manage access for a new member of your team. Your costs go down and your business efficiency grows. 

Should you get PSaaS for your Business?

If you are a growing business and looking to reduce your long term TCO of your surveillance costs then you should explore PSaaS options. PSaaS providers will not only reduce a lot of burden of frequent firmware upgrades, cost of keeping physical disks, or storage of video. They would also help in bringing in the hardware and installation. Overall your business would be much secure and manageable and also confirm to various compliance needs.