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Content is king they say and quite rightly so. With the vast increase in digitization and sources of information, and the nearly ubiquitous use of mobile and hand-held devices, more and more users are consuming content online.

Your website needs the right mix of persuasion, knowledge and empathy in its language to help generate the correct leads. Be it SEO focused content to drive traffic or the right words to convert a visitor into a lead, we know the trick. All our written content will be backed by sound research about your domain and highly relevant to the purpose of your site.

We offer the following Content Writing Services

Blog Writing

Online search trends have shown that your customers are often searching for a solution or service your business provides and not your business. For example, customers might be searching for flooring options rather than by your business name. Blogs are a great way to catch the attention of your target market with solution details, use cases or focused product presentations.

We offer both technical and non-technical blog writing services. We have a team of content writers with experience in many subject areas. Our team will help you with blogs which are engaging, SEO friendly and technically sound.

Website Content

A great looking and logically structured website needs solid SEO content. Website content needs to be focused and engaging. Users come looking for certain keywords, frequently a solution to a problem, and if your website speaks their language, you are much more likely to win their business. So unless your website connects with the customer, you will be very unlikely to get the business boost you seek. You need relevant, concise and coherently presented content.

We have years of experience writing content that has helped websites rank highly on search engines and also to help generate quality leads feeding your sales funnel.

Email and Ad Copies

Email Drip campaigns have been in action for years helping businesses across the world gain new leads or work on their leads funnels to convert prospects to paying leads. Drip campaigns are one of the most cost effective marketing tools. They work great for B2B as well as B2C campaigns.

We can help you write content for email campaigns or write content for your ad copies. A well written ad copy can help generate more leads. We have been working on outbound marketing campaigns for several years and can help you create a drip campaign with content that will help you gain business.

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