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Your online business or organization needs to be supported by reliable hosting infrastructure. We at Sites Computer Resources (SCR) understand the importance of reliable IT infrastructure backed by around the clock support. We provide reliable and robust cloud hosting for websites, ecommerce sites and business applications.

Whether it’s virtual machines, containerized applications or simple web hosting, we have the solution. Be it preparation for business continuity or disaster recovery, we will help you set up a reliable backend.

Our web and application hosting is backed by highly reliable and scalable cloud technology providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure cloud services by Microsoft, and Data Canopy. We offer fully managed web and application hosting services that are very cost-effective.

Our fully managed WordPress and DNN hosting services come with around the clock support, monthly security updates, theme and plugin updates. We take care of the underlying VM management, security and firewalls.

Regardless of the application you want to host, we will provide the platform so that you can focus on your business, and we manage your hosting platform so you don’t have to. With SCR supporting your business, you can focus on your core business as we take care of your IT and web hosting. We understand the needs of local businesses in Alamance County and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Top Features Of Web & Application Hosting By SCR

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Our web hosting services are provided by secure and highly reliable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) companies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Data Canopy. The stability, dependability and computing power they provide will allow you to run your business on a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure that can help you scale easily and rapidly to higher compute levels when your business requires it. Server backups are integral to this hosting service and are easily implemented, and multiple data-centers can also be utilized to further bolster business continuity.

Fully Managed

Web Hosting services by SCR are fully managed. We take care of the patching, upgrades, backups, and security. Our hosting services are constantly monitored. We monitor firewalls to fend off attacks on your websites too.

Whether it is a WordPress website, DNN, or any other website platform, we provide and support Windows and Linux servers.

We are a local small business built to support local businesses in Burlington, Alamance County and the neighboring areas in North Carolina. However, we are equipped to host your web site(s) no matter where you are located.

Guaranteed Uptime

With the backing of reliable and reputable cloud infrastructure providers, we can guarantee uptime and scalability. We create fault-tolerant architectures with full image backups. We realize that disaster recovery and business continuity are important aspects of any business.

If your business is progressing then your hosting likely needs to scale to handle your growing requirements. We can scale your infrastructure depending on your needs. Especially if you are an eCommerce business, scalability and disaster recovery are extremely important.

Domain Name Management

We understand the importance of domain names. An easy to pronounce and easy to spell domain name that represents your business or product is very important to the success of that business or product.

SCR provides domain name procurement and management services and has for 20 years. For a small fee, we will manage your domain names, being sure they are renewed when necessary and that DNS records are optimal. In short, we can help you select the best available domain names and make sure they remain yours for as long as you need them.

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