Video & Web Conferencing Solutions

As teams in business and other organizations become increasingly diverse geographically and implement more flexible work-styles, team members are temporally displaced from one another. Scheduling real-time meetings, which can be difficult even within one time zone, can become practically impossible across multiple time zones, let alone when dealing with telecommuters and flex workers.

That’s why near-time, or asynchronous, remote collaboration is becoming increasingly important for businesses, agencies, and teams across the globe. In essence, it’s collaboration that’s “out-of-time”; it doesn’t require you and others to be in the same place at the same time to work together. So meetings with co-workers or customers have gone online with video conferencing more than ever, particularly given the recent challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has further accelerated the already rapid adoption of video and web conferencing tools.

You might be an education or healthcare provider, a freelancer, a church looking to webcast your service, or perhaps someone organizing a team meeting or product demonstration or an HR manager interviewing prospective new employees; the options and implementations within the burgeoning online meeting & collaboration field are nearly endless.

We at SCR can help you choose and implement a simple, easy to use video or web conferencing solution. We are partners with several highly regarded vendors and can help you choose from a multitude of options these vendors offer.

How Can Web & Video Conferencing Help?

  • Save time and cost on prospective employee interviews.
  • Workers at home or in separate offices are more connected and productive when they have video meetings with teammates.
  • Remote work can mean improved productivity as workers eliminate time for commutes.
  • Work more closely and effectively with remote customers than audio-only interaction.
  • Use video conferencing screen sharing to collaborate on virtual whiteboards.
  • Make presentations more impactful with screen sharing capabilities. Pass your guests control to share their own screen.

How We Can Help With Web & Video Conferencing

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Any Device Connection

Connect via a web link using your favorite browser and a computer microphone, or dial-in from a desk or mobile phone. Participants can be on multiple devices, some with Internet and others without (audio only). Our web and video conferencing partners allow participants to join using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android). It’s even possible to get Zoom to work on some very recent model smart TVs.

Record And Store

Web & video conferencing with recording capability has become a very important feature. Record and store a meeting for reference later or for others who could not join the meeting at the time it was held, or even for customers, clients or other colleagues who you realize later may benefit from seeing it. Record your meetings in HD video quality to the cloud or locally, with searchable transcripts.

Meeting Rooms

Organizations like to have dedicated video conference meeting rooms with secure logins. Also some might prefer having a very large number of participants. You can choose from a few participants to as many as 250 participants. Attendees can join using the device of their choice, and distance doesn’t have to be a challenge. Regardless of where your team and business associates are located, you can host a meeting easily.

Intrested in using a Web & Video Conferencing solution?

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