Surveillance – Physical Security as a Service

Are you tired of non-functional surveillance systems or having to deal with camera downtime and surveillance hardware to manage, ones that can be crippled by a single point of failure?  If you are looking for a system that will eliminate single points of failure and that will help you monitor, provide intelligent analytics and real-time alerts as well as provide view and monitoring controls on a mobile or tablet device used anywhere, then we can certainly help you.

We are partners with YourSix which offers award-winning, highly secure cloud-based physical security solutions. YourSix provides Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) which includes Cloud Surveillance, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Audio and Cloud Access Controls. Their industry-leading solutions enable the flawlessly smooth integration of video surveillance, video monitoring, access control and audio services such as music and white noise streaming,  and “talk-downs” to deter crimes in progress.


Yoursix cloud surveillance partner Burlington

Limitations inherit in outdated on-premise security technology leave many organizations vulnerable. Cloud-driven and custom engineered solutions from Your Six enable organizations to significantly reduce or eliminate these vulnerabilities utilizing superior monitoring technology. In addition, taking a white-glove approach, YourSix & SCR can procure all the required vendors to complete your security system installation from electricians to gate vendors and everything in between.

YourSix Surveillance Solutions Portfolio

Cloud Surveillance

Cloud based, cyber secure solution with low bandwidth consumption, easy to install and manage, and exceptionally dependable.

  • Video is stored redundantly in-camera and on the cloud with secure remote access. The video stored in-camera can be utilized in case of Internet downtime.
  • Simple to install, it does not require a local NVR or a proxy or bridge device.
  • Built on hyper-scale cloud infrastructure.
  • Security patching is automatically applied to every device from the cloud.
  • Remote secure access is provided via HTML5, and all devices with Internet access are supported.
  • Mobile app is available for secure monitoring on the go.
  • 4G LTE connections allow enterprise class surveillance to be deployed anywhere that power is available.
Access Control

Migrate access control to the cloud and utilize a wide variety of control methods with multi-location, single pane of glass login.

  • Manage multiple sites from one portal.
  • Manage your users, policies and everything from the cloud.
  • Enterprise class controls and policies.
  • Access all data on the go over with a mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • Support for fobs, pin codes, bio metrics, and mobile devices.
  • Dual-factor authentication support.
  • Access control requests work when Internet is down.
  • Quickly and efficiently add, change, and remove access to facilities by utilizing the YourSix SmartSecure cloud.
  • No more managing, patching and configuring old hardware – all security patching is automated.
Cloud Monitoring

Secure professional monitoring that includes virtual guard tours, virtual escorts, virtual gatekeeping and event monitoring.

  • Operators monitor video on set intervals or at set times.
  • Operators monitor video while employees come or go.
  • Operators answer videophone and can remotely open gates and doors.
  • Alarm panel, motion detection, or access control system triggers video verification.
  • Loitering detection, zone crossing, intrusion detection and video analytics are supported.
  • Highly-trained central station agents confirm alarm triggers with actionable HD video so that false-alarms are greatly lower or eliminated.
  • Utilizing two-way audio, agents can intervene and deter a crime in progress.

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