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Do you intend to take your business to the next level but are struggling to determine the best, most reliable and cost-effective Internet Connection to meet your growing needs? Or perhaps you’re planning to move your business or are simply dissatisfied with your current Internet service provider. Regardless of the reason for shopping Internet services, we can help you make the best choice.

Having a highly reliable, secure Internet connection with at least good speed (bandwidth) is at the heart of a functional, successful business today. With the increasing importance of Cloud services, the quality and speed of your Internet connection will become more important with every passing month. There are many choices for Internet connectivity, though some geographic locations have fewer than others. We will help you choose the best option for your business or organization from among the many types of Internet services and Internet service providers available in your location.

SCR has been helping businesses in Burlington, Alamance County and the surrounding area of North Carolina for 20+ years with these sorts of challenges. We have well-established partner relationships with many Internet service providers in all the service categories including cable/coax, fiber (DIA), wireless, satellite and DSL, and with those relationships can help you choose the best service for your needs, at the best price, and will assist you with the install of this service to make sure it’s configured optimally.

And not only can we help you with your on-site business connectivity, but also teleworker internet connectivity, an ability that has taken on a much greater importance in 2020 given the Work From Home business movement. We’ll help you with connectivity options suitable for a residential location that meets your business needs, and can combine this with our other IT services like Hosted VoIP, email hosting, remote access including VPN & RDP connectivity and Cloud-based servers so your business and employees can work from anywhere at anytime.

We can also help you choose and configure secondary Internet connections to assure that your business is always connected. Using a Cloud-first SD-WAN service from Bigleaf Networks, for example, that combines up to four different Internet services, we can make your Internet connection nearly unbreakable.

We are a full service IT firm so we can also help you improve your business efficiency with PC and software procurement, LAN and WAN connections, and email hosting and Cloud service requirements, etc.

We can assist with the provisioning of the following Internet Connectivity Services from our partners —

Mutliple Wired Options

Your choice of Internet service is one of the most important IT decisions you’ll make. We can help with this and we are well aware that different businesses may need different Internet plans. Some businesses need the stability and throughput reliability of Dedicated Internet Access such as fiber, others need the high download bandwidth capabilities of broadband such as cable and also have a smaller budget for their Internet services which broadband also satisfies. Yet others need both high reliability and high bandwidth and have the budget for fiber from the upper strata of fiber options or for an aggregated solution using SD-WAN that combines moderate fiber speeds with cable.

We work with multiple Internet service vendors, have long working relationships with them, and will help you choose the one(s) suited to your needs with cost, reliability and performance in mind.

Wireless & Satellite

There are circumstances where Internet service is needed and a wired connection is not practical or even possible. Yes, wired is more reliable and it does not have data caps, but wireless or satellite Internet services can be the perfect solution given certain conditions or needs. One need is as a fail-over Internet service. In many cases, a fail-over is desired to support a primary wired Internet connection. In this situation, wireless is often determined to be the best choice or the only choice. Another area of need is businesses in sparsely populated areas. Here only satellite and perhaps wireless services are available, but wireless may not be practical because of data caps ($$$). In this case, a Viasat Internet connection with unlimited data is very likely your best choice.

We know well that provisioning Internet services in some cases can be difficult, but our team at SCR will help you work through it.

Backup Internet Services

If your Internet connection is very critical to your business, and for almost all today it is, then you know your organization suffers significantly when Internet outages occur during working hours. Internet connections, even the best of them such as fiber, can go down on occasion. It’s becoming increasingly important to utilize what’s known as a fail-over Internet connection.

Through our many connectivity partners, we can design an aggregated fail-over using SD-WAN, or a traditional fail-over solution to use with your existing firewall, Or, if your firewall/router is not adequate, we can provide and install a new one that will incorporate a secondary Internet connection.

We can help you not only choose a good backup network but also help you set it up to seamlessly transition during downtime so that your users will never know that your primary network has experienced an outage.

Need a new, better or failover Internet connection in Burlington, North Carolina or the surrounding area?

Reach out to us to discuss your Internet service requirements!

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