Digital Marketing Services

SEO and organic enhancement efforts do take some time to show results. In the meantime, you may want to run some paid campaigns. Paid PPC/CPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on Google search, maps and other Google partner sites, Youtube video ads, and social media ads might be necessary to get the website traffic you desire. Be it lead generation campaigns or branding campaigns, we can assist. Your customers are searching for you with Google, Bing and other search engines and not just searching for your business name, but are searching for your products or services as well. If you choose PPC, you need to run focused campaigns on Google and other digital channels to reach your target market.

We have expertise in running Google Search or image-based ads. We can also run social media campaigns for you. Because we understand and have experience on all major platforms and have years of experience working with different business sectors, we can help you plan campaigns across multiple digital channels and make informed decisions.

Our team of experts will help plan and deploy a campaign end to end with:

  • Research
  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Design
  • Creatives and Ad Copies
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
  • Campaign Recalibration

We offer the following Digital Marketing Services

Google Ads

We help with setting up Google ad campaigns. Be it Google search-based text ads or Google display ads, Youtube video ads, or responsive campaigns. CPC to CPM campaigns. We not only develop the campaigns, but we also monitor these campaigns closely for better performance. Google search is one of the most popular search engines and their reach is very high with very high conversion rates.

We help with keyword research and planning, geographic locations to target, and continuous campaign monitoring and optimization. Google ads are never built once and forgotten, they need continuous monitoring and recalibration to maximize ROI.

Social Media Ads

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked-In, we have got you covered. Most people, particularly the younger generations, are using some social media channel regularly and many are spending hours daily, some on more than one platform. We can help you plan your campaigns across channels to provide the boost your business deserves. We run targeted campaigns on these platforms to hep you reach your optimal market segments.

We understand the nature of each of these different social media platforms and respect the fact that each needs a different ad copy and campaign strategy. Our team’s years of experience will most definitely help you.

Remarketing Ads

Did you know many propective customers who visit your site during their research often forgot at some later point your website address? If this occurs, you lose a potential customer. You can overcome this by following your website visitors on other Google partner websites including Facebook and Instagram by showing them specific offers you create and control.

Remarketing ads are not very expensive and if executed properly can help you close more business. We can help you create a rewarding campaign that will connect you to those who previously interacted with your site. We’ll configure your remarketing ads to work across Google and social media.

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