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Your business is growing and you’ve decided to move your infrastructure, servers, and database to Amazon Web services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. These cloud infrastructure providers might seem complex and intimidating, thus hindering your migration to them and the growth of your business. We can help you make this transition, we have certified solutions architects, security professionals and partners such as DataCanopy who can help you design and plan a secure and best-fit cloud infrastructure that will help you reduce your costs, increase your scalability and efficiency, and stabilize your business with business continuity processes.

We will help design, launch, migrate and manage your cloud infrastructure on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business processes and not bother with managing a complex IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud. Whether it is storage, applications, databases, or just user directories, we will manage your migration, architecture, infrastructure and security. Get in touch with us to understand how cloud infrastructure could help simplify and automate your IT infrastructure management.

Moving to the cloud can significantly reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership) as well as significantly reduce downtime and provide a fault-tolerant business IT infrastructure.

We offer the following Services on Azure and AWS

Infrastructure Architecture

We will help you design your AWS or Azure architecture for a fault-tolerant and highly available virtual infrastructure. After initial design we will help you automate your infrastructure provisioning with AWS AutoScaling and CloudWatch, or help design IAAC templates with YAML for CloudFormation.

We can also help set up virtual Windows desktops to enable work from home environments in the Cloud. Businesses and non-profit organizations in the post-COVID world will undoubtedly benefit from workplace continuity options we can provide such as Desktops as a Service (DaaS).

Cloud Migration

Looking to migrate your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud?  We can assist with the migration of Microsoft or Linux servers, or your databases or general file storage. We can help you migrate and move all or part of your IT infrastructure. Our IaaS partners, AWS, Microsoft Azure and DataCanopy, have many platform options for storage, RAM, bandwidth and compute. We will help you choose the best fit for your business which will also be the most cost-effective and highly scalable.

We can also assist with the design of hybrid cloud solutions as per your requirements, connecting on-premise IT to a public cloud.

Cloud Security

Whether it’s setting up a secure virtual private cloud or hardening data security on AWS or Azure, we can help analyze and secure your infrastructure in the cloud. Cloud security is always on a Shared Security Model and hence security in the cloud lies with the customer. Because the safety of your data is extremely important, we will help you with securing that data. We rely on cloud-based applications providing managed logging and security monitoring that utilize automated analyses. Logs are indispensable for audit and compliance.

We provide security audits as well as design, implementation, and management.

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